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Whether it’s providing a new perspective on old challenges, bringing a team together to solve a common problem or inspiring the next generation of change makers as individuals or in your organisation, Ashleigh can work with you and your team to create a better outcomes. Learn more about working with Ashleigh below.



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Do you have an upcoming workshop, planning day or panel which needs a facilitator? Ashleigh works with groups of all sizes, ranging from small panels to conference groups. Through many years of being on panels, attending planning days and sitting through workshops, Ashleigh has learned what makes a good facilitator, and brings this practice into her work.

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Ashleigh is a confident public speaker who speaks on a number of topics, including gender equality, leadership, making change and diversity and inclusion. If you need a keynote speaker or panellist for your next event, get in touch!

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Are you interested in training on sustainable change, government, politics, leadership, governance or diversity & inclusion? Ashleigh can run trainings for groups of all sizes both in person and virtually for people at all stages of their careers, both domestically and internationally. Get in touch to learn more about the trainings that may be right for you.

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If you’re looking for new perspectives from an internationally recognised advocate and change maker, Ashleigh has experience in writing compelling articles on current topics, and has been published by outlets such as the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald and Women’s Agenda.


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                 Ashleigh brings an incredible presence of strength and empathy to every situation I’ve had the privilege of being in with her. She has immense knowledge about campaigning and advocacy which shone through in a workshop she ran for 15 high school students in my Young Trailblazers program. Ashleigh was able to communicate complex ideas in a way that was engaging, relevant and relatable. She is a young trailblazer in her own right and always seems able to bring unique and insightful perspectives to complex challenges.

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Aqeel Camal,

founder of Futures Collective
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                 Ashleigh is a powerful speaker. She shares incisive wisdom and unique insights from her experience as a young leader and groundbreaker. I have been fortunate to host Ashleigh on a panel about women leads in political spaces. Her commentary on current events and social trends was perfectly mixed with personal stories that illustrate her depth of understanding. She was highly regarded by guests and took on challenging questions with respect and discernment. Ashleigh is the person you want to hear from to help solve a problem, for relatable and penetrating reality checks, and for the inspiration to achieve new goals.

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Jacqui munro
NSW Liberal Women's Council


Ashleigh ran an interactive session on the importance of young people entering the public sector. The workshop was attended by young people from an international audience, and formed part of the Future of Work conference.

Ashleigh ran a workshop on advocacy and campaigning for young participants from a number of countries.

Ashleigh gave the 2019 International Women's Day keynote address on the theme #BalanceForBetter, sharing her story, highlighting the areas where progress is still needed, and highlighting areas where progress has been made. She was then invited to participate on the 2020 International Women's Day panel.

Ashleigh spoke as part of a panel for International Women's Day for an event run by King & Wood Mallesons in partnership with the United Nationals Association of Australia. She spoke alongside senior female lawyers, sharing a youth perspective on the future of gender equality.

Ashleigh was invited to speak at the 30 year anniversary of the foundaing of the National Foundation for Australian Women. Ashleigh spoke alongside trailblazing feminist Marie Coleman, who reflected how far the gender equality movement has come, before Ashleigh spoke about the future of the gender equality movement moving forward

Ashleigh facilitated a discussion with Canberra politicians across the political spectrum focused on the importance of diversity in politics, including the steps we can take both as individuals and sitting members to make space for more diverse voices to be heard.