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Advocating for youth
& gender equality.
It's time for young
female and non-binary
voices to be heard and
our efforts valued.
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Hi, I’m Ashleigh - thought leader, writer and activist for young female and non-binary voices in politics and public decision making in Australia.
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I’m a big believer in co-design, the principle of
“no decisions about us without us.”


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                 Our organisation was looking for a way to educate our community on election proceedings and voting tips. Ashleigh was more than happy to collaborate with us and tailored their presentation not only to fit our target audience, but also our time restrictions. Ash delivered an incredible presentation filled with information and images easy to consume over zoom.

Ash was a delight to liaise with, and we would highly recommend her, and ROVA, for anyone wanting an informative session on anything to do with the importance of diversity in government, electoral process, or voting.

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Indigo Shire Youth for Climate Action (ISYCA)
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raise our voice australia

Ashleigh recently launched Raise Our Voice Australia, a training program to boost the presence of young female and non-binary voices in public decision making. To ensure that our institutions reflect us as a population, Raise Our Voice Australia is running training, providing mentoring and creating seats at the table to increase the number of young, diverse female/ non-binary voices leading the conversation in politics, domestic and foreign policy.

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The Politics of Advocacy: Ashleigh Streeter-Jones
25 May 2021

Amber Daines speaks with activist and advocate Ashleigh Streeter-Jones about activism, making change, and cutting through.

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Creating Change with Ashleigh Streter-Jones: The WoW
12 April 2021

This week the delightful, Ashleigh Streeter-Jones joins us to discuss the importance of activism and diversification! Ashleigh helps us break down how we can contribute to larger global issues and use our activism for change.

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Working to change the face of leadership: The Australian National University
5 March 2021

Ashleigh Streeter-Jones (MDipl '18) is incredibly passionate about diversity in public decision making. A writer, speaker and activist, she believes women and persons of all genders deserve a seat at every table where decisions are being made.

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